What is the difference between OEM cartridges and Compatible cartridges (or Third-party cartridges)?

OEM cartridges are usually manufactured by printer manufacturers such as HP, Epson, Dell to name a few while on the other hand, compatible cartridges or third-party cartridges (which LLS provides) are manufactured by a third party. These cartridges will work in your printer provided that you buy the corresponding cartridge to the model of printer that you own. They will work in the same way as any OEM cartridge and give an output which is either the same or in some cases even better than the OEM product.

Why should you go for third-party cartridges? Aren't OEM cartridges better?

There is a misconception among consumers that third-party cartridges (also known as "compatible cartridges") cause harm to your printer or give a lower quality output compared to OEM cartridges. However, this is not true because LLS also provides the same quality but at a cheaper price. Also, please note that when you use our cartridges, it does not affect the warranty of your printer in any way. 

How do I know if the cartridge I'm using is eco-friendly?

Most of the cartridges available in the market today are eco-friendly. However, very few of them may be using eco-friendly plastic i.e. plastic which is recycled and not manufactured from scratch. LLS is one of the few companies which provide a completely eco-friendly printing solution where the cartridge is used again and again and it is made of recycled plastic. To know more click here to download our presentation on the same.

What should be my parameters for judging the quality of a third-party or a compatible cartridge?

Quality, support and price are the three most important parameters. Make sure you are getting the best quality output, technical support should be available so your business processes are not hampered. Also, make sure that the payment terms and conditions are favorable to your business. For example, you can start using LLS printers freely without having to pay any rental fee and simply pay for ink cartridges! Therefore, you pay only for as much as you use!